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If a knife could be known as a masterpiece, the Petty Knife from Koi Knives would be it. You will be mesmerised by the ripples of Japanese steel fused with smooth resin and wood. Every handle of the Australian-made Koi Knives is completely one-of-a-kind. In terms of functionality, the Petty knife is the nimblest of the Koi Knives and is ideal for smaller cuts like paring fruits and vegetables. Koi’s Knives embrace nature’s beauty with master craftsmanship, making each knife as unique as the fingerprints of time. Each knife handle is crafted from organic Australian wood, reflecting nature’s individuality. Therefore, the images of handles will vary from knife to knife.
Apart from their glistening beauty, Japanese steel knives are renowned for their razor-sharp edge. Chopping and slicing become a joy when you have the right tool for the job. With a little love and care, the dependable and demure Petty knife will last for life.

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Blade length: 150mm Handle made from Australian-sourced wood and resin Blade made from Japanese Damascus steel
Avoid using Koi knives on glass chopping boards To clean, gently wipe the knife with warm soapy water Dry immediately after cleaning to avoid corrosion Not dishwasher friendly

Meet the Maker

Koi Knives

Koi Knives was founded by Ramon Elzinga & Shannon Dolman in Adelaide, South Australia. The pair embrace true artistry, quality, and creativity by importing the finest Japanese steel into their workshop. With 20 years of forging experience, they uphold the utmost standards and handcraft exquisite knives that are both striking and timeless. We are in awe and so should you!

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