Furi Pro Magnetic Hexagonal Knife Block



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Every cook needs somewhere special to store their most essential tools—knives. The Furi magnetic hexagonal knife block will bring a touch of geometric sleekness to your kitchen countertops. As you prepare your meal and switch between different knife techniques and ingredients, the right tool for the job will always be within easy reach. Your knives can be stored either inside or outside the smooth carbonised acacia block, with space for up to 12 knives in total. This piece is a prime example that both form and function can exist in the kitchen.
This Furi knife block is smartly designed by acclaimed Australian engineers known for their innovation in everyday homes. Enjoy the best of both worlds as the magnet helps to keep the knives protected and secure (like a wall-mounted rack would), while the traditional knife block design makes your collection portable.
Weight2.64 kg
Dimensions170 × 170 × 231 mm
Made from carbonised acacia wood Stores up to 12 knives Maximum knife blade length: 23cm
To clean, simply wipe the knife block with a damp cloth.

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