Jamie Oliver Ceramic Utensil Pot / Kitchen Vessel

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Kitchen countertops ought to feel welcoming and warm. After all, the space is often the hub of your home! This beautiful ceramic utensil holder from the Jamie Oliver kitchen collection is a lovely addition to your kitchen decor. The two-tone ceramic finish will give your countertop a natural and earthy look. But it’s also very functional. This holder can fit around 15 kitchen utensils—perfect for containing your go-to culinary tools within arm’s reach. In ours, we like to throw in a couple of wooden spoons, a whisk, a favourite spatula, a zester, a pair of tongs and a slotted spoon. How about you?
If you’re like us and keep your utensil holder near your stove, you’ll know they can easily get splashed with food and oil. That’s why you’ll love simply popping this holder straight in the dishwasher whenever it needs cleaning. Easy!
Weight 0.61 kg
Dimensions 118 × 118 × 157 mm
Made from ceramic Dimensions: 16cm tall, 10.5cm opening Colour: grey and cream
Dishwasher Safe

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