Chef Inox Premier Baking Sheet – 330x450x25mm

Chef Inox


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Imagine sliding a baking sheet of warm cookies out of the oven. Your house smells incredible. You pour some glasses of milk and impatiently lift a cookie from the tray, catching drips of soft chocolate as they fall. Your cookie dream can become a reality with this trusty big baking sheet from Chef Inox. Its sturdy aluminium design makes it both durable and versatile—use it for pizzas, pastries, roast vegetables or even sheet pan pancakes. We love using them as an easily transportable mise en place tray, helping to keep things tidy as we cook.
The rolled rims make this sheet pan super easy to handle, which is especially important when removing it from a hot oven. It’s also totally dishwasher safe and very quick to clean. Aluminium helps to distribute heat evenly during cooking, ensuring your baking is always perfectly golden. The generous surface allow you to bake larger quantity, now that's handy!
Weight0.77 kg
Dimensions450 × 330 × 25 mm
Made from premium quality aluminium
Dishwasher Safe.

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Chef Inox

Chef Inox is well known for designing top-quality cookware and utensils for professionals. Bring restaurant-grade quality equipment into your kitchen so you can trust in the longevity and performance of your cookware and utensils: that is one less thing to worry about!

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