Cuisena Clever “No Mess” Skimmer



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This slightly rounded, sieve-like scoop is ideal for skimming stock, stirring soups or gently lifting a poached egg. It’s conveniently made from heat-resistant nylon that withstands temperatures of up to 200°C. This means you can use this skimmer with non-stick cookware and in hot liquids without any concern of warping or damage. And yes, it is completely dishwasher safe which is always a win in our books!
An integrated tool rest at the base of the utensil allows you to place the skimmer on the counter without leaving a saucy mess. The nifty loophole at the end of the handle means you can also hang up the skimmer for storage as needed.
Weight 0.50 kg
Dimensions 320 × 110 × 60 mm
Made from nylon (High heat resistance) Colour: black Heat resistant to 200°C
Dishwasher safe Suitable for use with non-stick cookware

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Cuisena presents a comprehensive collection of kitchen tools made to simplify your food preparation. From effortless peeling and chopping to seamless mixing, measuring, and baking, our range covers it all. The brand focuses on bringing quality and value-for-money cookware utensils, so you can enhance your culinary endeavors without breaking the bank.

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