Chef Inox Skimmer Round Fine Mesh 1mm – 30 cm

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Do you want to know why your mom’s food or restaurant tastes better? It’s because they have mastered their flavors. And do you know how they mastered flavor? It’s because they get their beef, chicken, veggies, or fish stock right. And do you want to know how to make an amazing stock? Well, you use a fine mesh skimmer to remove all the impurities that boil up to the surface. This, my friend, helps keep your stock clean and flavorful – next level! If you are serious about your stock, make this fine mesh skimmer your secret weapon! Oh, and while we’re here, use this skimmer to scoop your deep-fried prawns, golden doughnuts, and homemade churros.
Don't be fooled by its simple design: this elegant skimmer has been designed by professionals, for professionals. It's both practical and durable. The long handle allows you to reach deeper while keeping your hand safe. With its 1 mm fine mesh, you can achieve restaurant-quality texture and presentation. And, of course, the handle is designed for easy hanging, making it convenient to keep your kitchen neat and tidy! We knew you would love it!
Weight 0.14 kg
Dimensions 358 × 131 × 49 mm
Material Stainless steel Strainer Diameter 13 cm Handle length 23 cm Fine 1 mm mesh
Dishwasher Safe

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Chef Inox

Chef Inox is well known for designing top-quality cookware and utensils for professionals. Bring restaurant-grade quality equipment into your kitchen so you can trust in the longevity and performance of your cookware and utensils: that is one less thing to worry about!

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