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Want better burgers? Get your hands on this burger press, stat! This cast iron burger press from Lodge is artisanally made from a single piece of triple-seasoned cast iron. The handle stays cool to touch while you shape and flatten your burgers as they cook. Each time you press down on the burger, succulent juices and fats are released to crisp up the exterior. Hot tip: after you flip your burger, add a slice of your favourite cheese and smash another cooked burger on top, letting the cheese melt them together.
Using a burger press also helps ensure consistent and evenly cooked burgers every time. The pressure applied throughout cooking will result in a restaurant-quality sear. Made by the acclaimed and trusted cookware brand Lodge, there’s no doubt your burger press will live to tell decades worth of juicy burger tales.
Weight0.80 kg
Dimensions165 × 165 × 50 mm
Made from a single piece of cast iron Colour: black Made in the USA
Hand wash recommended with mild soapy water Dry and apply a light coat of vegetable oil immediately after cleaning Do not use in the microwave

Meet the Maker


For over a century, Lodge has been renowned for crafting top-quality cast iron cookware in their Tennessee foundry. Built to last, their cookware is pre-seasoned, allowing you to enjoy the full benefits of their exceptional cast iron from day one!

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