Staub Saute Pan Chistera Round – 26 cm Black



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You’re in good hands when cooking with Staub. This French-made enamelled cast iron saute pan is designed to keep cooking for decades to come—and you’ll want it to. Cast iron is unparalleled in its heat retention, durability and even cooking. This pan is just the right size and shape for your slow braises, sauteed vegetables, corn fritters or summer fruit cobbler. And when you’re ready to serve, transfer this matte black beauty straight from the oven to the table where it’s sure to impress.
You’ve got to love a sturdy cast iron pot that is compatible with all cooktops, quick to clean and dishwasher safe. The Chistera drop structure under the lid is a unique Staub design feature to help circulate moisture and create succulent, rich flavours. That’s minimal effort for maximum return!
Weight4.00 kg
Dimensions335 × 270 × 130 mm
Materials: enamelled cast iron inside and out with stainless steel knob Upper diameter: 26cm Suitable for temperatures between -20 ºC and 240 ºC Fridge, freezer and oven safe
Use with wooden or plastic cooking utensils Dishwasher safe, though hand wash with warm soapy water preferred Dry immediately after cleaning

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There is rivalry and genuine respect between Staub and Le Creuset. Staub is synonymous with "know-how" and French craftsmanship. Each enameled cast iron cookware is meticulously made in their workshop in Alsace, France. Designed for superior browning and heat retention, Staub cookware is perfect for achieving mouthwatering low-and-slow braises. Not only do Staub pieces excel in performance, but they are also visually stunning. With timeless French designs, each piece is elegant enough to transition seamlessly from the stove to the table, effortlessly elevating your dining experience—a true statement piece.

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