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We all love to use our grill pans (hello charred corn cobs and juicy steaks!), but there’s a touch less excitement about the cleanup. Do yourself a favour and use these grill scrapers from Lodge to make grill cleaning a breeze. The scraping teeth have two sizes that fit neatly between the grill grooves of your pan to lift off food debris and keep your grill pan looking sharp. And yes, we will absolutely be using ‘Grill Grooves’ as the title of our new summer barbecue playlist!
Lightweight and slim, these handy little scrapers take up minimal space but have maximum impact. You’ll wonder how you ever cleaned a grill pan without ‘em! Plus, the polycarbonate plastic design won’t scratch or damage your precious pans. Trust good old Lodge to come up with the grilling goods!
Weight0.04 kg
Dimensions80 × 85 × 5 mm
Materials: polycarbonate Colour: black and red Heat resistant to 130°c
Designed for use with Lodge grill pans, though suitable for use with most grills. Dishwasher safe.

Meet the Maker


For over a century, Lodge has been renowned for crafting top-quality cast iron cookware in their Tennessee foundry. Built to last, their cookware is pre-seasoned, allowing you to enjoy the full benefits of their exceptional cast iron from day one!

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