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Good news: Authentic Japanese charcoal barbecue can now be experienced from your apartment balcony, picnic or campsite! This lightweight and compact steel konro grill, complete with a nifty handle, weighs just under six kilograms and is much more portable than a ceramic or diatom mud grill. Fill the interior with a kilogram of charcoal (white binchotan charcoal is recommended) and away you go. Perfect for grilling yakitori skewers, wagyu steak, pork belly and more for four to six people.
The grill has heat-resistant feet so you can safely place it on any outdoor surface. Once cool, the interior charcoal cage can be removed from the main body using two removable handles for easy cleaning. The grate can also be mounted on these handles to lift the cooking surface up further from the charcoal if needed.
Weight 4.50 kg
Dimensions 196 × 455 × 300 mm
Dual wall construction Made in Japan Stainless steel mesh
Always use outside in a well-ventilated area to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning Store inside in a dry area when not in use

Meet the Maker

Green Life

Green Life goal is to make Hibachi Grill or Konro Grill a little more accessible both functionally (light weight) and financially compare to its more traditional mud konro grill conterpart. The grills are still made in Japan, and the quality is more than decent.

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