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Good news: weekend brunch just got better. This cast-iron griddle pan from Lodge is designed to sit across two burners on your stovetop. That means you can whip up a double batch of golden pancakes or fry a dozen eggs in no time at all. But why stop there? Bacon sandwiches, quesadillas, steak, grilled vegetables—we have a feeling you’ll be using this griddle from morning ‘till night. Lodge has been making versatile heirloom-quality cookware since 1896 and this griddle is built to make delicious memories for a lifetime.
Cast iron cookware is unparalleled for its heat retention capabilities and even cooking. This surprisingly lightweight griddle also comes triple seasoned, creating a smooth non-stick cooking surface right from the get-go. There’s also a sneaky little grease catcher running along one edge to help keep clean-up simple.
Weight3.29 kg
Dimensions534 × 266 × 32 mm
Made from pre-seasoned cast iron (PTFE and PFOA Free)
Safe to use on any cooktop, in the oven or on the campfire and barbecue Hand wash recommended with mild soapy water Dry and apply a light coat of vegetable oil immediately after cleaning

Meet the Maker


Blacklock is unique range of Lodge Cast Iron brand. Since the 19th century, Lodge has been known for crafting top-quality cast iron cookware. While Blacklock range pays tribute to the original Foundry in Tennessee. it is avant-garde and engineered to be 25% lighter than traditional cast iron while retaining all its benefits.

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