A lot of guests who come to a class at VIVE Cooking School ask us how they can tell if their eggs are fresh or not, especially if you are buying from big supermarkets your eggs are often quite old by the time they even get to the shelf. 

To tell if your egg is fresh crack it onto a plate and then: 

  • Identify the three parts of the egg
  • Identify how much of the wettest section of the egg there is, and how far it has spread on the plate
  • Identify how high the egg is sitting on the plate

For the freshest eggs we recommend buying from a local farm if possible – try your local farmers markets. At VIVE we source our eggs directly from local farmers Larry and Sue (Instagram @totally_freerange_eggs). They have about 400 hens per hectare, where the industry standard for labelling an egg “Free Range” is to have less than 10,000 hens per hectare!