Looking for a unique way to escape the winter chills in Sydney? Stay warm inside VIVE Cooking School and learn how to whip up some delicious and comforting dishes with some of our most popular cooking classes. Located in The Cannery in Rosebery, VIVE Cooking School has become a popular attraction during the colder months because students get to participate in a fun indoor class, enjoy a tasty meal and take home with them some lifelong cooking skills (plus leftovers!).

Check out our suggestions of our best classes to beat the winter blues:

Cooking Like a Parisian

If you didn’t take the opportunity to escape Sydney’s chilly weather and spend a European summer in France instead, never fear. In this popular French cooking class, we’ll teach you how to recreate three staple French dishes so that you can experience a taste of Paris right here in the VIVE Cooking School kitchen. 

To start, we’ll share a few techniques for making a delicious savoury choux pastry with cheese, called ‘gougères’. For the main, we have a mouth-watering ‘boeuf Bourguingnon’, which is a very comforting beef and vegetable stew served with creamy mashed potatoes. This is the perfect menu for the winter months that you can create at home for your family and friends. If you want to learn how to cook like a Parisian, this class is for you!

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Laksa Masterclass

This is not your ordinary chicken soup for the soul. Malaysian laksa is a rich, spicy and fragrant noodle soup that is easily one of our staple foods for winter. In our Laksa Masterclass, you’ll learn how to authentically create this iconic dish of South East Asia with prawns, chicken and a range of delicious toppings. Plus, we’ll also teach you how to make the crispiest Hainan fried chicken to accompany your laksa, which is another popular (and tasty) Malaysian dish.

Cooking a delicious bowl of laksa from scratch can seem complicated, but our passionate chefs will guide you through the whole process and break down each step to make it easy for you to create a Malaysian meal that is full of flavour. To escape the cold this winter and slurp on some ridiculously delicious noodles, book your spot in our next Laksa Masterclass now!

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Ramen Masterclass

A bowl of ramen is one of the most comforting, satisfying and delicious dishes to enjoy during the colder weather. If you love ramen, you’ll enjoy learning how to make it even more! Our Ramen Masterclass is one of the most popular Japanese cooking classes held in Sydney, and for good reason too.

Every element of a bowl of ramen plays a vital role in the dish’s overall flavour profile. Which is why we’ll teach you some useful skills and techniques that you can use to create each element. You’ll learn how to create ramen noodles, chicken chashu, tonkotsu soup (pork broth) and toppings such as nitamago (egg), tare (sauce), umami oil and more. To learn how to create this iconic dish of Japan in an engaging and fun setting, click the button below.

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There you have it – some of the best cooking classes that you should do this winter. But, the fun doesn’t stop there! We have a large range of cooking classes featuring different cuisines.

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