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Can we tell you a secret? The key to perfect mashed potatoes is…don’t mash them. Rice them! Leave your guests begging to know how you made such incredibly smooth mash. This potato ricer uses a gentle crushing action to create a consistent lump-free texture that is totally unlike the gluey mess made by a conventional masher. Simply load up the basket with a boiled potato, squeeze the handle and press the rice straight into your bowl ready to season and serve.
No need to stop at potatoes. Attach the coarse ricing disk for chunkier things like applesauce or pressing tomatoes. The finer disk is ideal for vegetable mash, purees and gnocchi. And another bonus? It is dishwasher friendly!
Weight0.40 kg
Dimensions315 × 90 × 140 mm
Made from food-grade silicone and plastic
To clean, disassemble parts and place in the dishwasher

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For over half a century, Progressive has been dedicated to creating kitchen tools that make food preparation easier, faster, and more enjoyable. Their products are thoughtfully designed with a focus on quality and accessibility, catering to the needs of both seasoned chefs and enthusiastic amateurs alike.

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