Messermeister Four Seasons Flexible Fillet Knife 8 inch



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A Messermeister knife is a knife for life. This fillet knife—handcrafted in Santa Catarina, Portugal—is perfect for fileting fish, thinly slicing chicken breast, delicately trimming fat or carefully slicing through joints and around bones. The blade’s subtle curve and generous flex mean you can manoeuvre around meat with ease and precision. Boasting over 40 years of innovation and quality, Messermeister is a brand you can trust. And want to know something really cool? It’s a family-owned business run 100 per cent by women.
This fillet knife is commercial quality and comes with lavish accolades from home cooks and professional chefs alike. The stamped stainless carbon alloy blade resists corrosion and is a breeze to sharpen and maintain that ultra-fine edge.
Weight0.08 kg
Dimensions336 × 20 × 37 mm
Handle made from molded polypropylene Heat-treated German stainless carbon alloy blade Blade size: 20cm Handle colour: black
Avoid cleaning in the dishwasher Hand wash with warm water and a mild detergent. Rinse and pat dry immediately Avoid detergents with bleach or citrus extracts that may damage the knife

Meet the Maker


Founded in 1981 by Bernd & Debra Dressler, Messermeister has become an iconic knife brand cherished by professional chefs and home cooks worldwide. Today, Messermeister remains a family business under the guidance of Debra and her two daughters. Together, they bring a passion for innovation and creativity to the kitchen, crafting sustainable and best-in-class chef knives and accessories that elevate your culinary experience.

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