Zoku Flamingo Ice Pop Moulds (4 Moulds)



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Oh stop, now these are cute! Flamingo-shaped ice pop moulds are here to make your summer dreams come true. Simply fill the set of four moulds with your choice of liquid—it could be fruit juice, homemade smoothie or flavoured yoghurt—clip on the spill-proof lid and pop the oh-so-stackable trays straight into your freezer. A wonderful idea for kids, families and adults who love some fun, these frozen flamingo friends are sure to please.
Made from BPA-free and completely food-safe plastic, these nifty ice pop moulds come with tabs either side of the tray to hold on to, plus just enough malleability to easily pop out the flamingos. Each ice pop has its own handy plastic stick that clips onto the tray to keep steady while freezing. Psst, check out the matching unicorn shaped moulds, too!
Weight0.20 kg
Dimensions63 × 122 × 321 mm
Made from BPA-free plastic Capacity: Makes 4 individual ice pops Dimensions: 122mm (w) X 63mm (l) X 321mm (h)
Freezer and dishwasher safe

Meet the Maker


Ben Z. and Yos K., two exceptional product developers, embraced a shared philosophy: products should possess both stunning aesthetics and remarkable functionality. In 2009, they joined forces to establish Zoku and embarked on a journey of creating numerous iconic and instantly successful products. Their innovative approach has resulted in a collection that harmoniously blends beauty and functionality, setting Zoku apart as a brand that truly understands the art of design.

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