Callebaut 823 Milk Bittersweet Callet 54.5% – 400 g



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Renowned for its great workability, Milk chocolate n° 823 is the perfect chocolate for a variety of delectable applications including ganaches, mousses, moulding and caramels. The 823 is widely appreciated because of its generous taste and great reputation in workability.
A deep, warm colour, prominent roasted cocoa flavours and seductive caramelly notes. It can be paired with a wide array of powerful fruity, spicy, dairy or liqueur-like flavours. The 823 has a standard fluidity, making it your all-round Callebaut milk chocolate for moulding, enrobing and flavouring of mousses, ganaches, crèmes, and so much more.
Weight 0.40 kg
Dimensions 60 × 140 × 160 mm
Rich cocoa - balanced - smooth - fruity hints Cacao Solids: 33.6% Milk: 20.8% Fat: Cocoa Butter 36.2% 400g Callebaut Couverture Chocolate
Store in an airtight container in a cool, dark place. Avoid ordering between the month of November - March due to hot weather, which can impact the chocolate.

Meet the Maker


Callebaut is a Belgian chocolate manufacturer that was founded in 1911 by Octaaf Callebaut. From the very beginning, the company has been dedicated to producing high-quality chocolate using only the finest ingredients. Today, Callebaut is a favorite among professional pastry chefs and chocolatiers around the world.

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