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When Saturday night rolls around, there’s nothing quite like throwing on some favourite tunes, pouring a glass of wine and hand-rolling some fresh pasta. If you’re ready to up-level your pasta game, try this handy pasta bike from Marcato. The grooved wheels gently slice through your rolled dough, creating beautifully patterned noodles that can be made to measure. You can remove any of the nine wheels to adjust the thickness of your pasta. So it’s the ideal tool for cutting pappardelle, tortellini squares and even lasagna sheets. Buonissimo!
The reinforced metal rollers on this pasta bike are sturdy and sharp for precision and durability. And the gentle curve of the handle is very comfortable to hold and manoeuvre. A quick brush to remove any flour and dough remnants should be all you need to clean the tool. But when a deeper wash is needed, a gentle handwash will do the trick.
Weight0.16 kg
Dimensions161 × 145 × 37 mm
Made from polycarbonate and resin Colour: black Made in Italy
Handwash with warm soapy water and wipe dry

Meet the Maker


Marcato began in 1930, led by the ingenious mind of Otello Marcato. He infused his philosophy of creating well-made things that brought joy to food lovers, enhancing the pleasure of cooking and eating together. Today, Marcato stands as the foremost pasta machine manufacturer, upholding the highest standards of craftsmanship in Italy. With unwavering dedication for quality it is the preferred choice of esteemed professional chefs and passionate hoome cooks alike.

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