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Can a humble basting brush truly take your cooking from great to exceptional? Yes, yes it can. This trusty silicone basting brush from Zyliss is specially designed to hold and release more liquid thanks to a unique mesh between the bristles. The whole brush is dishwasher safe, unlike so many of its wooden-handled counterparts. So mop up those juicy marinades and spread those delicious flavours all over your roasted meats, golden pastries or barbecued corn cobs. We guarantee your next dinner guests will be begging to know your culinary secrets!
No one wants to find bristles on their food. That’s why you’ll love that this silicone basting brush doesn’t shed (and also doesn’t hold odours!). The brush can be completely detached from the handle for thorough cleaning. That way, you won’t be finding remnants of a chilli marinade in your egg wash any time soon.
Weight0.08 kg
Dimensions210 × 55 × 30 mm
Made from silicone Dimensions: 21cm x 1.5cm x 5cm Heat resistant to 240°C Detachable silicone brush Colour: white and grey Loophole for easy storage
Dishwasher Safe

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For over 70 years, Zyliss has been committed to crafting a robust selection of best-selling food preparation tools that incorporate the latest ideas and innovations. With a deep appreciation for the aromas, colors, sounds, tastes, and textures of your kitchen, Zyliss is driven to create products that truly assist and delight. Renowned for their ingenuity, reliability, durability, and high functionality, Zyliss tools are designed with the serious cook in mind. Elevate your culinary experience with Zyliss, where passion and practicality meet.

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