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If a seasoned Staub Cocotte could talk, it would have thousands of secrets to share. You would hear whispers of conversations shared over hearty slow-cooked meals. Or tears of heartache and joy spilled as bread was broken and red wine was poured. Your kitchen is not complete without a signature French oven. It’s perfect for slow cooking rich stews, roasts or even baking bread. Cooking with cast iron feels foolproof thanks to its excellent heat and flavour retention. Beautiful enough to keep on display, its timeless appeal and versatility will quickly win your trust. The 24 cm size would be ideal for 3 to 5 people. The 28 cm size would be ideal for 6 to 8 people.
Staub is the benchmark for quality when it comes to enamelled cast iron cookware. This timeless Cocotte is more than a statement piece, it is a family heirloom that will continue cooking throughout generations, making it a quintessential kitchen staple you will treasure for life. Use it with all cooktops (induction or gas) and ovens, and enjoy how easy it is to clean! The Staub signature lid has been cleverly designed to create a rainfall effect, allowing the ingredients to retain moisture while cooking (No more dry beef bourguignon at last!) The 24 cm size pot is ideal for the the day to day cooking from a household of two to a family of up to 5 members. The 28 cm size pot is ideal for the entertainer who likes to cook and brings family and friends together, or if you like to cook in big batches (meal prep): It's ideal for 6 to 8 people or meals.

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Materials: enamelled cast iron inside and out with stainless steel knob Suitable for temperatures between -20 ºC and 240 ºC Fridge, freezer and oven safe
Use with wooden or silicone cooking utensils Dishwasher safe, though hand wash with warm soapy water preferred Dry immediately after cleaning

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There is rivalry and genuine respect between Staub and Le Creuset. Staub is synonymous with "know-how" and French craftsmanship. Each enameled cast iron cookware is meticulously made in their workshop in Alsace, France. Designed for superior browning and heat retention, Staub cookware is perfect for achieving mouthwatering low-and-slow braises. Not only do Staub pieces excel in performance, but they are also visually stunning. With timeless French designs, each piece is elegant enough to transition seamlessly from the stove to the table, effortlessly elevating your dining experience—a true statement piece.

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