Easter is just around the corner, so we’ve developed two delicious Easter themed recipes that are sure to impress your family and friends this Easter – Hot Cross Bun French Toast and Easter Egg Cupcakes.

Here is a note from our Chef:

“Treat yourself this Easter with some homemade cupcakes or by using up leftover hot crossed buns. These recipes are fantastic to do as a family, get everyone involved and help with their own little job. 

Food really has this amazing ability to bring people together. Just remember that mess is just a small part of the cooking but memories can last forever. Have fun.

Hot Cross Buns French Toast

Hot cross buns are a nostalgic Easter favourite and french toast is an indulgent breakfast treat that you’d typically enjoy on a Saturday morning at your favourite cafe. So, why not combine them to make something absolutely drool-worthy?!

Replace slices of bread with hot cross buns and voila – you’ll have a beautiful breakfast dish to begin the family’s day. The best part? You can complete this recipe in 20 minutes! Perfect pre or post the morning Easter egg hunt. 

hot cross buns on a wooden board with a cup of butter and a jug of milk Click here to get the recipe

Easter Egg Cupcakes

When asked what his favorite Easter tradition is, Jean-Luc (Founder of VIVE Cooking School) replied, “Eating Chocolate… Lots of chocolate!” – which I’m sure we can all relate to. So, we just had to include a chocolate recipe, we couldn’t resist! 

These are the most delectable chocolate Easter egg cupcakes that everyone will love. If you’re looking for something to bring to an Easter lunch, look no further. This recipe is quite easy to make and the Easter eggs make for the perfect effortless decoration (and extra treat). 

chocolate cupcakes with three easter eggs on top of the icing Click here to get the recipe

There you have it – a few foolproof recipes that you can recreate this upcoming Easter weekend.

We want to know what your favourite Easter dishes are – let us know on Instagram!