Finding the right activities to connect and reward our best people is critical if, like us, you believe that an organisation’s best asset is its people, and to an extent its clients. Yet it’s hard to find an activity that fosters team spirit in an engaging and organic way. While we worked hard to fill this gap, we didn’t realise how much of a positive impact we could have on literally thousands of team members to this date.

We’ve hosted hundreds of corporate events over the last half a decade and our corporate experiences are considered to be one of the best team building activities in Sydney. Our team building cooking classes encourage team bonding, they provide an opportunity to enhance communication and collaboration skills and are a fun and unique way to get the team together outside of the office. We also help companies to connect with their clients in meaningful and fun ways. Keep reading to find out why many clients around Sydney love hosting their team get togethers at VIVE Cooking School.

Encourages team bonding 

“Team Building is the most important investment you’ll make” Forbes

According to Forbes, team building “builds trust, mitigates conflict, encourages communication and increases collaboration” – all of which are essential for curating a healthy and positive workplace where your people can thrive. However, traditional team bonding (like ice-breaker exercises and games, or a pizza lunch in the office) can often be seen as “deja vu” or “too intentional”.

This is why we offer Team Building events right here in the VIVE Cooking School kitchen! Our cooking classes will encourage the team to bond with each other, as well as build trust and rapport with one another… without them realising it. By taking the team out of the corporate world for a few hours, they’ll be able to relax a little more and share an experience together that allows bonding to happen organically: The act of cooking is by nature a communal act.

An opportunity to enhance collaboration & communication skills

Our corporate events are set so that the participants are paired in a team of 2 and up to 4 people. Individual tasks may be set for each team member and will require the team to work together to create a meal. This provides an opportunity to utilise and practice skills that are also beneficial in a workplace, such as collaboration and communication skills. 

Also, your team will get instant feedback, and will get to rip the reward of their hard labour by enjoying their creation together. Yes, you will have both a team activity and lunch/dinner cover at the same time! 

Not to mention that each participant will also take home some valuable cooking skills, tips and tricks too!

A unique, fun & engaging experience they’ll remember

If you want something a little outside of the ordinary because you care for your people, reward and treat your team with an experience that they’ll remember. During our cooking classes, we’re sure that your team will share a few laughs and enjoy some time out of the office together.

Our experienced and entertaining chefs will guide your team to co-create wonderful meals they will enjoy and bond over. 

Hear from some of our clients:

“Our Team loved it, they had an amazing time cooking and bonding! Thank you VIVE. I certainly would recommend it!”
– Talia C. Brand Manager at Scentre Group (Westfield).
“What a great event, the VIVE team are very accommodating and professional, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend VIVE for your next team building or special event. All of our guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Well done!”

– Nicholas H. Founder at The Independent Collective

There you have it, our top three reasons why we’re one of the best team building activities in Sydney. To learn more and to book a Team Building event at VIVE Cooking School, click the button below.

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