def: WHOLEFOOD –  natural or organic food with little or no refining or processing and containing no artificial additives or preservatives.



Hello foodies!

With the opening of The Cannery and VIVE Cooking School now official, we wait with baited breath to welcome more incredible artisans who will become our neighbours over the coming months.

One such success story that has already opened their doors in this amazing new food hub is one-stop organic wonderland Wholefoods House. We’re thrilled to have this specialist retailer on our doorstep – and I chatted recently to founder and director Eliot Rickards about what makes his wholefood heart sing!

Rosebery is the third instalment in the successful Wholefoods House venture and their biggest site to date. It looks incredible and we hope you’ll come in very soon for a hearty wholefoods taste.

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“We love hand-picking the tastiest, healthiest produce from farms across Australia. We never compromise on freshness and we never stock anything artificial. It’s simple really – we always want the best for our family and yours. The bottom line is taste – there is no doubt you’ll taste the difference!

— Wholefoods House

The new Wholefoods House site at Saporium in Sydney's Rosebery.

The new Wholefoods House site at The Cannery in Sydney’s Rosebery.

The concept of clean living and the holistic health trend is very much at its peak force right now. The notion of nourishing our minds and bodies through a healthy, active lifestyle and the consumption of whole, organic foods has gained incredible popularity in recent years. Trend or not, people are actively seeking and maintaining healthier lifestyles – and it’s a passion that sits at the heart of the VIVE Cooking School ethos.

As wholefood pioneers, Wholefoods House stepped into this space long before many of us had heard or understood the phrase. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Wholefoods House launched their flagship store in Sydney’s Woollahra in 2004 – well before the current trend for health and wholefoods had taken hold. Through a genuine passion for healthy living and whole, organic foods, this now established brand remains committed to sourcing and supplying the freshest and best certified organic produce available. Their unwavering support of small, local, ethical producers has seen the brand go from strength to strength in a marketplace that increasingly offers a plethora of wholefood and health options.



Wholefoods House was – and remains – a bonafide family affair. Founder and Director Eliot Rickards conceived the idea of a ‘traditional wholefoods grocer’ with a like-minded, health-conscious buddy. When the young business partnership floundered before it began, Eliot’s parents came on board, and from then the business has remained a true blue Rickards family venture.

Family is vital, and a majority of the Rickards family members are now involved in various aspects of the business. This belief in family and community extends beyond the blood ties, and Wholefoods House count their staff, suppliers and customers as valued members of the Wholefoods House family.

A commitment to providing the freshest and best certified organic produce will see any number of the Wholefoods House family embark on early morning expeditions to the organic markets for premium produce sourcing. This passion for sustainability, support of local artisans and hands-on approach to every facet of the business is the result of genuine passion and zero compromise. And the proof is in the product.

Wholefoods House is a flourishing business with a friendly, corner-store heart – It’s as simple, and as whole, as that!



Wholefoods House has opened their third – and biggest – site right next to VIVE in Rosebery’s new The Cannery complex. It’s a pretty swish space and offers locals more whole food goodness with a consistent range of premium, organic food and groceries that remain the backbone of this authentically driven business.

Most recently, Wholefoods House has undergone a simple yet contemporary business re-branding and will launch a home delivery service later this year through the Rosebery site.

Wholefoods House can also be found in their recently relocated flagship store in Woollahra as well as Danks St, Waterloo.

Wholefoods House has a very real presence within the The Cannery complex and to date has supplied some incredible produce to be whipped up with love at VIVE Cooking School. Watch this space for more exciting wholefood collaborations!

“When people come into the shop they know that all the products have been screened, and they feel safe that whatever they buy has the best ingredients and has been made in a sustainable way.

— Eliot Rickard, Founder + Director, Wholefoods House