Ramen is Japan’s soup for the soul. 

You could ask a bunch of different Sydney based ramen-lovers where their favourite ramen places are in Sydney and you’re most likely going to receive different answers. Sydney is home to such a diverse range of ramen eateries that each specialise in something different. This includes different broths such as tonkotsu, miso and soy, different types of ramen like classic, tantanmen and black garlic, as well as a variety of toppings. 

It’s important to note here that the restaurants named in this blog are not ordered according to our preference. Each bowl of ramen is different and special in its own way, and we love the variety that we can find across some of Sydney’s best ramen spots.

Ramen Manpuku

Ramen Manpuku is a local hot spot for ramen in Chatswood & Kingsford. They’re known for their signature ramen, ‘Long Name’ which is a delicious soy based pork and chicken broth with garlic, chilli and fish flavour, pork chashu, half nitamago egg, bean sprout, bamboo shoot, shallot and seaweed sheet. The full long name of this ramen dish translates to, “Thank you for this encounter and made it hard with love and passion. This is our favourite Manpuku Happy Ramen.” 

Experience is everything to the people of Ramen Manpuku and they aim to make each person who steps through their doors smile. They pride themselves on providing a positive atmosphere and friendly staff to make each experience enjoyable and one to remember.

Location: Chatswood & Kingsford
Website: www.ramenmanpuku.com

Gumshara Ramen

Like all good things, a rich soup takes time. That’s why Gumshara Ramen uses a traditional Japanese method of boiling their fresh pork bone for 14 hours everyday, using no MSG or thickener to create their delicious pork broth. If you dine in at their restaurant in Haymarket, you’ll be able to choose from a range of unique flavours and specials that they have on offer (one time they had a limited edition lobster ramen!).

Want ramen but can’t make it into the city? Gumshara Ramen is one of Sydney’s most popular ramen delivery services that covers the majority of suburbs around Sydney, including Sydney metropolitan, Newport, Richmond, Narrellan and more. You’ll be able to ditch the instant ramen and order a Gumshara frozen ramen with condiments instead, so that you can enjoy a comforting bowl of ramen at home.

Location: Haymarket
Website: https://gumshara.com/


RaRa is a very popular ramen bar with a few different chains including RaRa Randwick & Redfern, RaRa Chan, RaRa Ramen Bar Burleigh and Lonely Mouth. The perfectly cooked noodles are made fresh in house every single day and the secret to their melt-in-your-mouth chashu is that they grill their free range pork belly over coals right before serving. Plus, for the vegans out there, RaRa has a few vegan options and a vegan restaurant (Lonely Mouth) so that you don’t miss out on slurping up their delicious noodles and broth (that are just as good as the regular meaty ramens).

Our top pick is the signature RaRa Tonkotsu. If you love garlic, you need to try the RaRa Tonkotsu with their house made black garlic. Looking for some extra spice? Select the black garlic & chilli option for a drool-worthy bowl of ramen. P.S be sure to order a Japanese craft beer or whiskey to compliment your meal.

Location: Redfern 
Website: https://www.rararamen.com.au/

Rising Sun Workshop

Nothing beats crispy bacon and fried egg in the morning… except a bowl of heartwarming breakfast ramen from Rising Sun Workshop. “If I could have it every day for breakfast, I would” – that’s a legit quote from a member of our team who is obsessed with this dish. This unique dish is available all day and features a buttered toast bone broth with bacon, egg and tomato. We highly recommend that you add this to your bucket list!

Half local motorbike workshop, half restaurant, the Rising Sun Workshop is a unique and modern space where “traditions guide but do not rule”. Along with the breakfast ramen, Rising Sun also has a few other wonderful ramen options that you can ‘pimp’ out with a range of different toppings to suit your liking. They place an importance on sourcing every ingredient locally and ethically and can cater for most dietary needs.

Location: Newtown
Website: https://www.risingsunworkshop.com/restaurant

Chaco Ramen

(Formally known as Chaco Bar)

Looking for unusual but well balanced flavour that will transport you to another planet all together? You might be thinking, “wait, is this still a ramen bowl?” – It sure is, and when Keita Abe put his genius mind into it, you get Yuzu Scallop Ramen or Chilli Coriander ramen… slurp slurp. However, arm yourself with patience, as this is a very popular ramen spot that has people queueing up!

Location: Darlinghurst & Bondi
Website: http://chacoramen.com.au/

There you have it – a few of our absolute favourite places to get a great bowl of ramen. Now we know we didn’t name every good ramen joint in Sydney, so we want to hear where your favourite ramen spots in Sydney are! Let us know on Instagram.

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