A ‘deli’ is known as a shop that sells fine, exotic or international prepared foods and ingredients. Delis come in many forms in Sydney and have become an integral part of Sydney’s food scene. We’ve seen many different types of delis arise, such as cafe-style delis, and many different International-based delis showcasing a specific country or cuisine. 

When you think ‘deli’, you probably think of cured meats, imported goods and delectable cheese… but did you know that Sydney is also home to impeccable delis of different cultures? 

Here are a few of our favourite Sydney delis for a range of cuisines. 



Paesanella as a brand is made up of the Paesanella Pizza Bar, Food Emporium & Cheese Manufacturers. We love the Food Emporium because you can taste and purchase a large variety of Italian and other international produce and of course, their house-made cheese. Their fresh, warm ricotta and their freshly made buffalo mozzarella are to die for! With a range of different food experiences, Paesanella aims to take their customers on a food journey throughout the building – from shopping and sampling to eating and food events.

Must try: Fresh Ricotta

Charcuterie board and deli

Location: Marrickville
Instagram: @paesanellacheese
Website: paesanella.com.au/food-emporium/

Omeio Artisanal Deli 

Greek & French

It’s no surprise that we love French food (just look at the range of French cooking classes we offer!), so this deli definitely had to make it on this list. The products of Omeio have been curated with a Greek and French influence by Omeio’s owner, Nick Giourgas. From coffee and fresh meals to exquisite cured meats and fine cheeses, this artisanal deli has you covered. Omeio is definitely a one-stop-shop if you’re looking to make the charcuterie board of your dreams. You can also order a picnic box (that comes in many flavours like Greek and French) to take away and enjoy outside! 

Must try: Frenchie Mezze Box

Aisle at a deli and a charcuterie mezze board

Location: Paddington
Instagram: @omeio_deli
Website: menu.omeio.com.au

Soul Deli


Soul Deli is one of the newer delis on the block – it’s a Korean cafe & deli that is offering up K-food culture at its finest. Its cafe-meets-deli style allows you to order delicious Korean dishes and take home specialty Korean products such as housemade kimchi in a variety of styles (including vegan, white, red, fresh and aged), pickled radish, housemade sauce and even Korean ceramics, merch and a lot more!

Must try: Kimchi take-home jar

Location: Surry Hills
Instagram: @souldeli.surryhills
Website: souldeli.com.au

Lox in a Box

Jewish Deli with Polish & German influence

Lox in a Box is known for its innovative ‘deli in a box’. Each day, they offer perfectly baked bagels with a wide variety of toppings and options. At Lox in a Box, they love to put a unique spin on traditional classics – “​​from cured fish to dips and schmears, latkes with apple sauce and sour cream and of course a side of chutzpah!”. All of the recipes have been influenced by the owner’s grandmothers who are of Polish and German descent and each and every one of their products have been given the tick of approval from his grandmothers. 

Must try: The Lox Bagel (and don’t forget a take-home pack of their labneh!)

Stacks of dips and a bagel box

Location: Bondi
Instagram: @loxinabox
Website: www.loxinabox.com.au

Tamaleria & Mexican Deli (Rosa Cienfuegos) 


Rosa Cienfugos founded the Tamaleria & Mexican Deli to fill the gap of authentic Mexican food and products available in Sydney. She has since branched out from just selling her delicious tamales, to now also offering a range of products in the deli, including pantry staples, specialty ingredients, chiles, tortillas, antojitos and frozen meals. Ditch the mainstream ‘Mexican’ restaurant chains and visit the Tamaleria & Mexican Deli to take a culinary trip to Mexico instead.

Must try: Tamales – literally pick any of her flavours. They’re all drool-worthy!

Mexican products and mexican food on a table

Location: Dulwich Hill
Instagram: @tamaleria_mexican_deli
Website: www.mexicanfoodaustralia.com

Deli Hub Maroubra


This deli is one of our go-to delis! As well as offering delicious hot food, they also have a wide range of quality foods and ingredients from all around Europe. At Deli Hub, you can find delicacies like caviar, herrings, olives, antipasto, spices and oils just to name a few. They also provide catering for any occasion and make beautiful platters that look as good as they taste.

Hot plates of food and a charcuterie board

Location: Maroubra
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/delihubmaroubra

There you have it – some of our favourite delis that offer authentic and most importantly, delicious, food & ingredients from different cultures.

What is your favourite deli in Sydney? Let us know on Instagram!