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def: MOLECULAR GASTRONOMY – the application of scientific principles to the understanding and development of food preparation.

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This week we chat to Nenad Djuric, owner and founder of The Red Spoon Company. More than simply a kitchen supply store, Red Spoon specialises in molecular gastronomy, baking supplies, kitchen tools, books, fine foods and more at this “died and gone to heaven” store!

And just as exciting as the incredible range of product available at Red Spoon is the news that it will soon be opening its doors at The Cannery. We’ve got the food artisans, the cooking school, the restaurants and now this premium kitchen supply store. Everything you need under one roof, just the way we like it!

Check out this great little read in Urban Walkbout recently that highlights Red Spoon as one of the exciting new businesses to take up residency at Rosebery.

The Red Spoon Company will be opening their doors in late July.

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“Every small business has their own set of challenges. From maintaining a healthy business growth and shipping internationally to keeping our prices competitive and achieving a reputable customer base – these are all challenges that keep us on our toes daily!

— Nenad Djuric, Owner, The Red Spoon Company


This week we chat to Nenad Djuric of The Red Spoon Company, our soon-to-be-neighbour at the ever-growing Cannery. Enjoy!

VIVE: Tell me a little bit about The Red Spoon Company and how it came to be.

NENAD: The Red Spoon Company started in 2008 as an online business with only five molecular gastronomy products! After repeat requests for “more products, more products“, I decided to take the plunge and open a retail store in Strathfield in 2010. The initial molecular gastronomy range gradually expanded into tools, equipment and unique food items with the idea being that you could walk into our store and pick up everything you might need to pull off your recipe.

The next few years were very exciting as the business took flight. The steady growth of our product range meant we needed more space – and so we expanded the business to a new and very large retail space in Annandale which allowed us to add over 3000+ product lines to the range.

Now, we are incredibly excited to be opening our doors at Rosebery’s The Cannery, neighbouring the wonderful array of food artisans and business in the precinct such as VIVE Cooking School!

VIVE: Do you have a background in cooking? How did you end up in the kitchen supply business?

NENAD: I was a pastry chef and chef in my past life! All staff at Red Spoon have some background in cooking, either as a chef, apprentice, home cook or in the hospitality industry in some way. This background is important in allowing us to keep up with the latest trends and to expand our knowledge within the ever-evolving food industry.

VIVE: With so many businesses spruiking cooking and kitchen supplies, what’s your point of difference? What makes The Red Spoon Company stand out from the crowd?

NENAD: We are thorough with everything we do, from design concepts to researching for new products and keeping up with the latest trends. Specialising in molecular gastronomy is what keeps us unique, as well as our strong premium product range that is suitable for both the commercial kitchen and the home cook alike. We’re proud to have a very talented customer list including Ormeggio, Masterchef Australia, The Star Casino, Hilton Sydney, Chat Thai and our new neighbours at Black Star Pastry, to name a few.

VIVE: The Red Spoon Company is home to an incredible range of food and products. How do you source your products? Are you particularly selective with the types of products and brands stocked at The Red Spoon Company – and how do you filter the good from the bad?

NENAD: We source our product range in a variety of ways. Firstly, we’re big believers in sourcing local, Australian-made wherever possible, particularly for our food-based products. We have strong established ties with some of our more successful brands, and the local and international trade shows are a great way to keep abreast of new products and trends.

Most excitingly, we have our own brand of food and equipment that is incredibly popular. We take a lot of pride in the development phase of this range, and both our Operations Manager and myself love the process of sourcing only the best products to be labelled under our brand.

VIVE: You have a retail store in Annandale and now you’re opening at The Cannery which is very exciting. What can we expect from your Rosebery venture?

NENAD: Rosebery is about welcoming new faces, expanding our customer base and treating our already loyal customers to a new Red Spoon experience! We’re passionate about growing the business, expanding our product range and simply sharing our love for food with everyone who visits.

VIVE: What will be your involvement with VIVE? 

NENAD: The VIVE concept is one we believe very strongly in, that food and cooking can bring people together. We have helped out with the sponsorship of some products at VIVE, and will also be stocking some of the excellent kitchen products currently used at VIVE. In theory, if you cook at VIVE and like the utensils, you can stop by Red Spoon on your way home and grab those same products to go. The Cannery is the full journey – food, cooking, products. We’re very excited to be opening at Rosebery.

VIVE: What can we expect from The Red Spoon Company at The Cannery?

NENAD: Lots! We are extremely excited to share our new space with you, and look forward to opening our doors very soon!