Cavedoni Botte Piccola Balsamic Vinegar – 250 ml



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You will never forget the first time you try the exquisite balsamic vinegar from the Cavedoni family in Italy. When vinegar is perfected over five generations of balsamic artisans, the result is extraordinary. This IGP (Protected Geographic of Origin) product of Modena delicately balances sweetness and acidity. It is rich, dark and sweet. An additive-free finishing vinegar that is paired perfectly with a soft burrata cheese, drizzled over fresh strawberries and ice cream or even enjoyed as your evening digestif.
You’ve got to read this vinegar’s story to truly understand its distinction. Locally grown Trebbiani and Lambrusco grapes are juiced and reduced to a rich, sweet nectar. The juice is then aged for 7 years in oak barrels and gently blended with a touch of white vinegar. The balsamic is decanted eight times before being beautifully packaged ready for you!
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Dimensions 70 × 70 × 168 mm
250 ml Bottle in a gift box
Store your balsamic vinegar firmly corked and in a cool, dry place. Most Cavedoni balsamics have a ten year shelf life.

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