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To own knives without a honing steel is like forgetting to season potatoes. Good intentions, but what’s the point? Step up your knife game and keep those blades razor sharp with this classic honing steel from Shun. The sharper your knives, the easier and more enjoyable your food preparation becomes. Honing doesn’t actually sharpen knives as much as it realigns their natural edge. And the more you hone, the less regularly you’ll need to sharpen. Simply give your knives a few quick licks on the steel before each use to make a world of difference to your most-essential kitchen companions.
Get the job done with this premium stain-resistant carbon steel rod and its easily grippable Pakkawood handle. At 23cm long, it will fit conveniently in your utensils drawer or holder.
Weight 0.21 kg
Dimensions 356 × 35 × 35 mm
Made from premium stainless carbon steel and a Pakkawood handle Steel Length: 23cm
To clean, wipe with a damp cloth

Meet the Maker


Shun, a Japanese term meaning "at the Peak of perfection," captures the essence of the brand. With a century of history, the company continues to uphold the traditions of the legendary samurai of old Japan in crafting their cutlery. While preserving ancient techniques, Shun also embraces innovation. Each Shun knife is an exquisite embodiment of pure craftsmanship, earning high regard among professional chefs for its exceptional quality.

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