Le Phare Du Cap Bon Harissa Morrocan Spicy Paste – 70 g

Le Phare Du Cap Bon


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Picture this: you tear off a chunk of crusty sourdough and plunge it into a steaming bowl of slow-cooked chickpea and lime stew. A perfectly soft poached egg sits atop the rich, tomato-based sauce. There’s just something missing…harissa! This rich, spicy condiment is a much-loved staple throughout North Africa and the Middle East, and we know why. Made from a simple mix of hot peppers and spices, it’s the perfect fiery addition to soups, salad dressing, marinated olives, chicken wings or humble scrambled eggs. Warning: one taste and you may be addicted.
Le Phare Du Cap Bon’s harissa paste is completely free from nasty additives, artificial flavours and preservatives. Plus, it’s made using a traditional Tunisian recipe that has been passed down through generations. Perfect then, perfect now. Enjoy!
Weight0.07 kg
Dimensions30 × 41 × 161 mm
Weight: 70g Ingredients: red hot pepper (87%), garlic, coriander, salt and caraway Made in Tunisia
Refrigerate after opening and store for up to 30 days.

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