Here at VIVE Cooking School, we believe that our highly rated cooking classes are the secret recipe to an effective and fun corporate team building activity. Trusted by workplaces all around Sydney, we have extensive experience in hosting team building activities where everyone involved can learn a new skill together, and work on transferable teamwork skills from the kitchen to the office. Here are a few of the benefits of our Sydney team building events:

Inspires creativity

Cooking is a great way to encourage one’s creativity. Creativity and innovation are important and useful skills for a range of different industries, and our cooking classes inspire each participant to think creatively as they prepare a delicious dish. In fact, we do not provide physical recipes in class: instead while demonstrating the recipes, our chefs empower the team with practical and useful skills, equipping each team member with the right tools so the team can replicate and adapt the recipes to their liking. . So our state of the art kitchen has been purpose built to provide a frame for teams to express their culinary creativity, with a dash of friendly competitive spirit.


Enhance problem solving skills

Creativity and problem solving work hand in hand, both in the kitchen and the office. It’s no surprise that cooking can come with a few different obstacles that can make or break a dish. Whether the problem that arises is using too much of an ingredient, overcooking or undercooking, making a mess or trying to turn something from bland to tasty – the whole team will be able to practice their problem solving skills to tackle these hurdles together and create a beautiful dish at the end that they can enjoy.


Step out of comfort zones

Maybe you’re not a wiz in the kitchen or maybe the pandemic affected your confidence in social settings… This is an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone in a safe and supportive environment. Our highly trained and friendly chefs will guide the class through the entire process, encourage team bonding and will ensure that each participant has an enjoyable experience. Plus, nothing beats that feeling of accomplishment at the end – especially for those that had to step out of their comfort zone for this team building activity.


Practice leadership and teamwork

Leadership and teamwork skills are absolutely essential within any team, in any industry. Our cooking classes can be completed in teams of two or more, which will require team members to collaborate and work together for the duration of the class. Plus, for the leaders of the group, our cooking classes are a great opportunity to practice delegating tasks and supporting their team. VIVE Cooking School team building events are perfect for subtly encouraging the development of leadership and teamwork skills for any workplace.


Become more culturally aware

We pride ourselves on offering a range of cooking classes featuring cuisines from different countries including Japan, Thailand, France, Mexico and many more. This exposes team members to different cultures, allows them to try new dishes that they may have not tried before and enhances their appreciation for other cultures.

Fostering team spirit through a naturally bonding experience

Cooking is a communal act, so it is inherently a bonding experience. 

At VIVE, while the experience is structured, we craft the environment so that every step of the session encourages bonding. And of course, the teams get to sit down and enjoy the fruit of their hard labor together, cheers to a delicious meal and a fun experience together!

VIVE Cooking School team building events are perfect for any occasion including engaging with your valuable clients. If you want to treat your team or clients to one of the best cooking classes in Sydney, read more about our team building activities or make a team building event enquiry today!

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