International Women’s Day 2022 falls on Tuesday the 8th of March. It’s an important day that celebrates “the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women” and is also used to mark a call to action for accelerating gender parity.

In the spirit of International Women’s Day, we are celebrating the women that we look up to the most. So we asked the VIVE Team, “who is the woman that you admire the most?” and we’re sharing their responses with you in this blog.

Vivien, CFO:

“My mother 🙂 – Growing up my mum always meant a lot to me. She was the one that always had my back. She taught me to do my best, choose positivity and share that with everyone around us.

Even though we have lived far apart for more than a decade now, my mum is still my source of inspiration. She taught me how to cook delicious comfort food from my childhood for my family.

It’s when I had my own child and became a mother myself, that I really started to realise just how much effort and energy it must have taken to be such a great mum to my siblings and I. 

My mum has a heart of gold and I’m so thankful for her! <3”

mother and daughter at a cooking class

Martine, Operations Manager:

“The two people I admire the most are my grandmothers – Rosalie and Claudia. They were both strong and gentle. They both lived through and raised their children during the 2nd world war and Rosalie then endured the civil war in Algeria before having to flee her country with her family.

Despite the tough times that they went through, I remember how much time, patience and kindness they had for all of us grandkids. I would spend hours sitting on some steps or stools in the kitchen while they were cooking and asking them if I could taste every dish, every step of the way. They never once said ‘no’ or sent me away. They also answered all of my questions and kept telling me stories of the war, particularly about how precious food was and that we could not waste any. They could turn the simplest of ingredients in a work of art on the plate.

I do have really fond memories of sitting at my grandparents’ tables with my cousins for casual meals during the school holidays and we could eat what we wanted and how we wanted (often starting with dessert) as opposed to the very long Sunday lunches with our parents where we had to behave 

I did and still do admire their kindness and generosity.”

Renée, Chef:

“My Mum, Marian! – My mother has a heart so big. I see her truly, for all she was, and is now.

As we grow older we see our mothers in a different light then as we did as children. She isn’t perfect like all of us but is the most kind and generous person I know. 

She has so many talents and is very creative. She has taught me to be strong but still lead with my heart. She has taught me to not be afraid to use my voice and stand true to who I am and what I believe in, not to mention she is a really good cook! One of the things I will always cherish the most is our times in the kitchen together – creating together, getting in each other’s way and also teaching the grandkids the precious gift of food, creating and giving to others.”

mother and daughter at Christmas

Jean-Luc, Founder of VIVE Cooking School:

“The woman I admire the most is my mother. She is both the kindest and the most resilient person I know. She is the one who distilled in me the entrepreneurial spirits that inspire me, and drove me to build VIVE Cooking School.

To this day, I am humbled to witness her strength and ability to overcome challenges, no matter the odds. Her way to express love is often tough love, but hey, she armed me with the necessary tools to build something on my own and I consider her a true badass. More than admiration, I am very grateful to have her as my Mama.”

parents and son mango picking

What beautiful responses! Here at VIVE Cooking School, we are proud to have built a place where women thrive. We place an emphasis on equality and celebrating women’s achievements, in line with the mission of International Women’s Day. 

Who’s the woman that inspires you the most? Let us know on Instagram! @vivecookingschool