Schonwald Shiro Relief Design Round Coupe Flat Plate – 24 cm (Set 6 pce)



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When it comes to contemporary tableware, you can’t go wrong by keeping it pared back and simple. Understated yet still refined, the SHIRO round flat coupe is the perfect go-to dinner plate. In true Scandinavian fashion, let’s get straight to the details—the plate is continental white in colour, flat-bodied and 24cm wide. Its rounded deep edges and minimalist contoured body can be dressed up or down. So whether you’re having a casual lunch or a formal dinner party, these plates are fit for every occasion.
German brand Schönwald prides itself on crafting premium quality dinnerware that is exceptionally hardy. The glazing on each coupe is fired at 1400°C to make it scratch-resistant and sturdy enough for commercial use. You’ll be sure to get plenty of mileage out of these timeless Nordic plates.
Weight3.60 kg
Dimensions240 × 240 × 25 mm
Made from scratch-resistant glazed porcelain Diameter: 240mm Sets of 6 pieces
Dishwasher and microwave safe

Meet the Maker


Schonwald dinnerware is crafted in Germany. Built to the highest standards, these dinnerware collections showcase exquisite forms and exceptional durability. With their stunning design, these ranges feature an extremely resilient glaze that complements all styles of cuisine. Making them the preferred choice of esteem restaurants and establishments and now in your very own dinning room.

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