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The simple act of cooking and eating is both communal and emotional. Food provides a deep sense of connection and has the power to bring people together – and so VIVE Cooking School was born.

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Join with us in the simple act of cooking and eating, learning how to make some of the world’s best dishes.
VIVE’s Guide to essential cooking tools and utensils - PART 1
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VIVE’s Guide to Essential Cooking Tools and Utensils – Part 1

Our first section is the baking/pastry tools every home baker needs. If you’re a new baker looking to stock your …

Christmas In July Meal Plan

HO HO HO… Merry Christmas-in-July! It’s that time of the year where us Aussies take it upon ourselves to celebrate …

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VIVE Cooking Tips: How To Slice an Orange

No more mess with Chef Jodie’s techniques for cutting up oranges.

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VIVE Cooking Tips: How To Scoop A Mango

This is an alternative technique to your regular mango scooping!

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VIVE Cooking Tips: How To Make Zoodles With A Mandolin

The most annoying thing to happen while you’re chopping is a sliding chopping board!

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