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We inspire to empower your inner chef and help you create meaningful connections and strengthen bonds through food.
Cooking isn’t just about techniques and understanding of flavours, we believe it is about the people that produce the ingredients and the people you share your food creations with. It is about culture and it’s the fabric of our society. 
We connect you with chefs and food artisans/producers, so you can learn more about food and ultimately give you the ability and opportunity to create moments of happiness and connection with the people you share your passion of food with.
Our cooking school is located in Sydney. We help our students learn in a fun and engaging way how to cook a delicious and quality meal. This experience is perfect for team building and food enthusiasts. We also offer the gift of cooking with our e-gift cards.
Finally, our VIVE team members are all incredibly passionate in interacting and delivering a memorable culinary experience. There is a great sense of fulfilment every time we see our students having a good time in our kitchen and to witness the moment, when they realise that they, too, can cook beautiful food!

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Our Cooking Class are temporarily closed in light of the COVID-19 situation. Register your Interest and we will notify you once we re-open this class for booking.

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